Registers and code of conduct

Holme Parish Council subscribes to the Code of Conduct for members of Huntingdonshire District Council and all information ca be found on the HDC Website. Registers of members’s interests are published on the HDC website.


The Clerk is employed under the terms of the Clerk’s code of conduct and the Green Book which may be viewed on the SLCC website

Risk Management

Holme Parish Council Risk Assessment


9 April 19


Financial Risk Assessment


Possible Risk: Accounting errors due to lack of financial controls.

To address risk: The Parish council has adopted Financial Regulations and Standing Orders and reviews these procedures annually.

The Clerk is the Responsible Financial Officer and the Chairman and Councillor oversee accounting procedures. All financial documentation held by the Clerk is open to inspection.

Monies received are receipted and banked promptly.

All payments are itemised on the Agenda prepared for meetings. All payments are approved at meetings of the full council. Most payments are made by Bacs or cheque and no petty cash is held. Cheques are signed in accordance with the banking mandate and cheque stubs initialled. Cheque numbers, amount and date are written on the invoice. Electronic Bacs payments follow the same process and a member of the Council, after approval by another Councillor, will release the payment online via a password protected environment.

Receipts and Payments are entered on a spreadsheet and copies given to each Councillor at every Parish Council meeting, and attached to the minutes.

Bank statements are reconciled on receipt, given to Councillors at the meeting and the reconciliation is also attached to the minutes.

VAT is reclaimed annually.


Possible Risk: Budget error, wrong amount precepted resulting in too little/too much money to meet Council’s commitments. Excess reserves or spending beyond resources.

To address risk: The budget is prepared in November for the following year. All items for inclusion are fully discussed and financially assessed. A Precept is requested based on the items included in the budget. The Clerk gives a financial report at every meeting with supporting documents given out to each Councillor.

The Clerk’s salary is reviewed annually in January.

Maintenance contracts are reviewed annually or bi-annually and quotations requested before the budget is set.


Possible Risk: Loss of funds due to misappropriation.

To address risk: All orders for good and services are made through the Clerk and with prior authorisation  at a Parish Council meeting, except in the case of emergency when the Clerk may incur expenditure having gained approval from the Chairman or Vice Chairman as detailed in the Financial Regulations adopted by the Council.

The Clerk may purchase minor stationery items needed for office administration with the cost being refunded monthly on production of receipts.

All invoices and cheques or BACS payments are approved and signed in accordance with financial regulations and banking mandate.

The Parish Council has cover for Fidelity guarantee within its insurance and this is reviewed annually before renewal to ensure that cover is adequate.

The Clerk keeps a copy of the Register of interests of all Councillors and they are required to inform the Clerk of any changes.

The Clerk’s wages are calculated and paid monthly. Tax and National Insurance are calculated and paid to HMRC quarterly.

Year End accounts are prepared by the Clerk as soon after the end of March as possible and presented to the Council at the next meeting.

An independent auditor is appointed to carry out a full audit at the end of each financial year.


Possible Risk: Under insurance, public liability, employee liability.

To address risk: Insurance cover is reviewed each year prior to renewal. All assets are listed in the Health and Safety folder. If there are any changes these are updated promptly.

All contractors employed by the Parish Council are required to hold Public Liability Insurance cover.

The Parish council has Employers Liability cover and Fidelity Guarantee. Clerk and Councillors have Personal accident cover for duties connected with Parish Council.


Health & Safety


Health & Safety is reviewed at each Parish Council meeting. A nominated Councillor carries out regular inspections of Parish Council property before every meeting. Items requiring maintenance are reported to the Clerk at the next Parish Council meeting or if repairs are more urgent these are dealt with immediately.

An annual inspection of the Clerk’s home office is carried out to ensure that the area is safe (e.g. no trailing wires) and that equipment is being correctly used and maintained.

Meetings are held at the village hall and the room is inspected immediately prior to each meeting by the Clerk and a councillor to ensure that there are no hazards to Councillors, Clerk, or members of the public. Emergency signs and exits are present.



Signed:………J Griffin……………………………………….



Holme Parish News – June 2019

Holme Parish Council News

Annual Parish Meeting
The Annual Parish Meeting took place at the village hall on 9 May. The Annual Parish Meeting is not a Council meeting but is a statutory meeting which is facilitated here in Holme, as in many other parishes, by the Clerk and Chairman of the Parish Council.

36 members of the village attended the meeting. Whilst this is a consistent turnout with previous years, it represents only about 7% of residents which is really disappointing given that this was also an opportunity to talk about things generally and with all the planning applications we have seen this year I have to say I was expecting more people to attend. If you didn’t come, I would be interested to find out why not. In the meantime we have to assume you are content with the hard work your County, District and Parish Councillors put in. May I add that they are all volunteers and do not get paid – thank you to them all. The Chairman of the Council reported on Council activities for the year and representatives of most of the village organisations gave their reports. The Editor of the Holme Parish News would like to invite those who do not contribute an article regularly to do so – email address on the back page.

One suggestion was received concerning trying to get a foot/cycle path along the B660 from Holme to Ratcliffe’s garage to join up with the one along the B1043 and this will proceed to the next Council meeting.

Planning Comments have been put forward to Huntingdonshire District Council concerning the proposed development at Laws Yard covering density, number of dwellings, sewerage and ecology.

Speakers Stewart Howe and Dr Alison Graham told us about the new Annabelle Davis centre in Yaxley. This was a very interesting and relevant presentation. The centre provides early intervention family support and is available for people in Holme to use but sadly some people will never know as, embarrassingly for the Chairman and me, almost half the audience left just as they began to speak. I have needed to apologise to Stewart and Alison for this rudeness.

Finally – the Holme Parish News can now be read online – on the new Council website The formatting is not perfect yet but I am working on it when time allows.

Next full Council meeting: Tuesday 16 July 2019 at 7.00pm at the Village Hall. All welcome to listen, please let me know ahead if you wish to address the Council.
Mrs J Osborn – Parish Clerk 01487 831559

Holme Community Speedwatch
With the lighter nights coming back we are running our sessions later so hitting the commuter or rush hour traffic With over 100 vehicles per hour and between 25% and 30% of them exceeding the 30 mph speed limit its no wonder we con tinue with our campaign. Sadly several of them are repeat offenders and will be receiving visits from the police as the polite request hasn’t worked.

Surprisingly enough we also notice that during school holidays the speeding incidences are reduced too. Is this because so many people are on holiday or is it the school run parents who are doing all the speeding. I am sure their children may have something to say about that as we had a “junior” session of speedwatch one afternoon and they were surprised at how many people were speeding or talking on their mobile phones plus how difficult it was to get the required information. Initiate them early and hopefully we will get through to the older generations.
Speedwatch has an amazing group of volunteers who give up their spare time to try and educate motorists. If you think you would like to contribute and could spare the odd hour here and there please contact and we will get your training organised with Cambridgeshire Constabulary and add you to our team.

New Council Year – New Council Ward
In May 2018 I was elected as one of two District Councillors to represent the new Stilton, Folksworth & Washingley ward and I have been busier during the past twelve months than at any time in the preceding 3 years. The ward is about 11 miles from north to south and even with my fellow ward councillor, Marge Beuttell and I splitting the ward in half (Marge looking after the North and me the South), I am still the first point of contact for residents in 6 villages and 3 hamlets.

Getting to all the Parish Councils continues to be a challenge, especially as a number of them meet on the same evening but I have visited them all and enjoy working with the various Parish Councillors and Parish Clerks.

Marge and I work well with our County Councillor Simon Bywater, especially when our areas of responsibility overlap.

I am fortunate to be the Chairman of the Council’s Customers & Partnerships – Overview & Scrutiny Panel, which covers some of the areas I am most interested in such as leisure and the environment.

The most time-consuming issue this year has been planning – something I had very little to do with in my first 3 years as a District Councillor. I have made representations and/or had involvement in a number of planning applications in Holme this year, the most significant of which was for up to 25 dwellings on land off Pingle Bank. I worked with the Parish Council and Simon Bywater to represent residents’ objections and am disappointed that it was approved; however, now that it has, Marge and I will continue to work with Simon and the Parish Council to get the best outcome possible for the village.
There have been also two larger scale developments proposed in Stilton – both with implications for Holme and to a lesser extent Conington; the application for 90 dwellings off North Street was refused but the application for 70 dwellings off the High Street was approved.

Other Issues
Over the last year I’ve worked to tackle fly-posting, dog fouling, dangerous and illegal parking, faulty and damaged signs, fly-tipping, pot holes, litter as well as issues for individual residents. Sometimes I’ve worked on my own, other times I have worked with Marge, Simon and some of our excellent Parish Councillors.

District Wide
This year the District Council part of the Council Tax went up by 2.66%, a new parking regime has been introduced so that charges better reflect the time used and changes were made to way the Council handles enquiries from residents who prefer to access more information online.

If you need to contact me please call me on 07193 101145 or email you can also find me on Facebook and Twitter.
Kind regards Tim

District Councillor for Stilton, Folksworth & Washingley Ward

(First contact for residents in Stilton, Folksworth &
Washingley, Holme, Denton & Caldecote, Great & Little Gidding, Glatton and Connington).

Tel: 07913 101145

(If you are a resident of Sibson-cum-Stibbington, Elton, Alwalton, Morborne, Haddon, Water Newton or Chesterton, please contact my fellow ward councillor Marge Beuttell in the first instance via

Holme WI Chin Chin Pass the Gin

James from The Ely Gin Company was our guest speaker at our May meeting. Wisely he brought along a lovely gin called Afternoon Tea for us to sample along with a refreshing Elderflower and Lemon tonic. After 20 years working as a computer programmer, James took a completely different career path and switched to making flavoured gin. He set up his first stall in March 2012 at Ely Market with a selection of flavoured sloe gins and The Ely Gin Company was born.

Using his knowledge of making hedgerow wine as a hobby he soon branched out into a variety of flavours, some of which he admitted worked really well and the odd one that didn’t. Opening a shop in and with such flavours as chocolate orange gin and breakfast marmalade, along with the usual rhubarb, raspberry and his very own special dry gin, he has since become a great success, you may see him at food and drink festivals around the Fens.

He explained to us how gin is made, getting technical after a tipple makes you concentrate. How it is fermented and distilled, and the London Dry Gin or his own Special Dry Gin, are the best gins because they go through the most rigorous distilling process. However, each brand will have its own unique signature flavour, which is why you may prefer some gins to others. James was a great speaker, very passionate about his product and it was very interesting to hear his story and his success, what a change of career.
Also at our May meeting, and luckily discussed before the gin tasting, we voted on this year’s Resolutions. Two Resolutions were chosen, Don’t Fear the Smear and The Decline in Local Bus Services. Both worthwhile causes that we ignore at our peril.

Anyone interested in joining, please do come along. We meet on the first Thursday of every month at Holme Village Hall, Short Drove, Holme PE7 3PA at 7.30pm. Please contact for further details. All ladies will receive a warm and friendly welcome.
Alison McGuinness President

This is a busy term with a County-wide trip to Wicksteed Park already having taken place. Almost 200 Guides and their Leaders invaded. Linda, who is taking on the Unit as leader soon, took 6 girls for a sleepover in the pavilion and then an action packed day at the park. A good time was had by all and everyone slept well the next night!
We have awarded our first badge in the new programme. Well done Eve for the fabulous baking!
We are helping run the tearoom at the YAXLEY VINTAGE FESTIVAL. This is on 15 and 16 June at the Scout and Guide HQ in Yaxley. The whole District is supporting this event not just Yaxley Units. There will be steam engines, classic and sports cars, stalls and all sorts of things so as it’s Father’s day on the Sunday, why not give him a day out for a treat and come and see us for yummy cakes. There’s a bar too. What Dad would not like this combination?!

We are on the lookout for a new Unit helper or Young leader to replace the 3 of us who are leaving in July. Any takers? A couple of hours a week and a smile is what we need. We also have space for new girls or ex Brownies from age 10 to 14, or 14+ we can take a few more at Rangers.

Janice Osborn 01487 831451

Holme Youth Club

With the lighter nights and nice weather we are able to utilise the wonderful facility of the school field (many thanks to Holme C of E School for this courtesy) and the members have a wonderful time playing football or just hanging out in the open air. When the weather is not so kind we still have a great time in the village hall with lots of equipment to keep everyone occupied.

Our annual outing this year is going to Battlefield in Thorney and Play2day in Guyhirn. Surprisingly there are still 3 spaces left on the
coach so if you are interested and free on 23rd June please see our Facebook page or contact Renee on
Membership of Holme Youth Club is open to members of school years 5-10 who live in Holme or attend or have attended Holme Primary School. Members guests are offered guest membership but we are sorry we are not able to extend membership beyond this as we do not have sufficient volunteer helpers to cover excessive attendance. We also have to stress that young people must not be dropped off without first checking there is the capacity to include them for the evening. Our numbers are limited and if we have to turn them away they need to be able to get home straight away.
If you meet the above criteria and would like to find out more please call in on a Friday evening between 6.30 and 8.30 or email

Village Hall Committee
Would you like to get involved with helping to look after your Village Hall?We are a small Committee of 7 people that hasn’t had any new members for the past few years and we are looking for some local people to come and join us.
We meet about 4 times a year, with email communication between meetings. Meetings usually last no longer than an hour and are now accompanied by a cuppa and a biscuit!
As well as looking after the general care of the building, hall bookings and managing the local cleaners, we make decisions regarding the Village Hall and how it is used to benefit our village. If you would like to find out a little more please contact either Richard or Victoria at or

Minutes of Parish Council Meeting 28.5.19

Draft Minutes of the Meeting of Holme Parish Council

Held on Tuesday 28 May 2019 at Holme Village Hall.

  Councillors present:   Mr D Neal, Mr T Snitch, Mrs W Aylesbury, Mr P Sargent, Mrs J Weatheritt.

Also present: Mrs J Osborn (Clerk).


  1. Election of Chairman. Cllr Griffin. Proposed by Cllr Aylesbury, seconded by Cllr Weatheritt. Clerk has not heard from Cllr Griffin as to whether he was prepared to stand. Election deferred to July meeting.
  2. Election of Vice Chairman. Cllr Neal, Proposed by Cllr Aylesbury, Seconded by Cllr Weatheritt. Cllr Neal was elected and took the Chair.
  3. Cllr Neal signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office.
  4. Councillors present signed the Registration of Pecuniary Liabilities form.
  5. Apologies for absence: County Cllr Bywater, District Councillor Alban, Cllr J Griffin, Cllr H Watson.
  6. Declaration of interests: None
  7. Public Participation   No public attended
  8. Adoption of Standing Orders (NALC 2018) Proposed Cllr Snitch, Seconded Cllrs Aylesbury, all in favour. 
  9. Adoption of Financial Regulations Proposed Cllr Snitch, Seconded Cllr Aylesbury, all in favour.
  10. To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 19 March 2019

Cllr Snitch proposed that the minutes of the meeting held on 19 March 2019 be accepted and signed as a true record. Seconded by Cllr Aylesbury & unanimously agreed. Minutes signed by the Vice Chairman.

11. Matters arising from the minutes:

a. Footpath from Holme to nature reserve. A response of sorts has finally been obtained from Network rail. Clerk is continuing efforts to move the project on.

b.Speed Indicator Device (SID).

  • Clerk in talks with CCC to move or erect a new post near Holmewood, and possibly one near Level crossing. Difficulties with transmitting SID information.
  • Cllr Snitch is attending a training session in June.

 c. Matter Arising from Annual Parish Meeting – provision of a foot and/or cycle path from Holme along the B660 towards Glatton to join up with the path along the B1043. This would provide access to the bus stop and make travel by cycle or foot much safer. Likely cost calculated per CCC website could be £300,000 plus the cost of land.  Clerk has approached CCC Highways and will contact County and District Councillors.

12. Planning 

a. 17/00101/OUT Pingle Bank – was permitted by HDC, subject to footpath and pedestrian crossing over B660 being able to be provided and financed under S106. No further news.

b. 18/01819/OUT Church St/Laws Yard. Refused. The refusal notice and officers report are available on HDC planning portal and Clerk will circulate.

c. 18/01817/Change of use and extension of 2 Barns to form 4 dwellings, Tower Farm, New Long Drove – approved

d. 18/01150/FUL Caravans – in progress

e. 19/00189/OUT 43 Holmewood – In progress. Discussion about trees being felled, Clerk to approach the appropriate Tree Officer/Forestry Commission to explore the issue.

f. 19/00479/HHFUL Extension, 21 Church St –In progress

g. 19/00400819/PIP – Agricultural Buildings, Short Drove. Recommend refusal. The Area on the plan exceeds the actual existing built area. The site is in the open countryside. Views of the Fen to be protected. Drainage issues.

h. Local Plan Update – the Plan to 2036 has been adopted. Available to read on the HDC Planning Portal. Clerk to circulate relevant sections.

i. Holmewood Hall Licensing Application. Parish Council is not a consultee but individuals may comment. Committee is meeting on 29 May. Clerk to advise results when published.

13. Financial report 

a. Annual Governance and Accountability Return (AGAR). The questions read out and approved and the return was signed by Vice Chairman.

b. Adoption of Accounts. Proposed by Cllr Aylesbury and seconded by Cllr Sargent, unanimously approved.

c. Auditor’s report – Clerk has still to add policies to new website

d. Current Position – A copy of the receipts and payments and bank reconciliation to 31 March 2019 and to 27 May 2019 was handed to each Councillor.

e. Payments:

29.3.19 BACS Mrs J Y Osborn, wages/exps March 284.68
29.3.19 BACS HMRC PAYE 6.00
29.3.19 BACS Cambs CC – Posts for Speed Indicator 876.67
3.4.19 101232 D P Stafford Landscaping 1213.77
6.4.19 DD 1 & 1 Internet Ltd 4.79
1.5.19 BACS Mrs J Y Osborn wages /exps April 275.30
1.5.19 BACS Huntingdonshire D C Empty bins 303.17
1.5.19 101233 T Snitch – materials to install post for bin 20.00
1.5.19 101234 R Wright – Auditor 65.00
6.5.19 DD 1 & 1 Internet Ltd 4.79
21.5.19 BACS Huntingdonshire DC – Empty new bin 303.17
21.5.19 BACS Holme Primary School- printing flyers 10.44
21.5.19 BACS Holme Primary School – Parish News x3 66.12
21.5.19 BACS MAM Garden Maintenance (Post spurs, cemetery fence) 1395.00


f. Receipts – VAT refund £914.30. Grass cutting grant £726.60 expected, but not yet received. Precept £15000 expected but admin error at HDC means it has not been received yet. CIL received for 30 and 32a Church St £1770.07

g. CAPALC renewal – decided to renew at cost of £261.28 plus £25 for GDPR scheme.

h. Local Council Review magazine– Discussed, decide to continue subscription at £17.00.

14. Health & Safety

a. Road surface around drain, Church St – reported and fixed

b. Road surface around drain, Station Rd – reported

c. Cemetery Fence. Work has been done to a high standard.

d. Grey bin at cemetery. Discussed and decide to continue with current arrangements for volunteers to empty the bin on rota. The wire bins to be moved around the back of the shelter as dustbin is to be used in preference.

e. Cemetery gates. Outer ones to be wood stained. Clerk to ask a volunteer. Inner ones need replacing. To be considered in the interim and discussed at July meeting.

 15. Correspondence

a. Suggestion re play area. Discussed and Clerk to propose to Planning Officer re Pingle Bank development, although it was felt that Holmewood might be a better situation.

b. One Leisure information and

c. Disability Hunts information- passed to Cllr Aylesbury for transmission to the Parish News.

d. CAPALC conference – no Councillors wished to attend (Clerk to check with Cllr Griffin and Watson). Also to feed back that Friday is not a good day – can these be varied?

e. Merchant Navy Day – no action

f. Operation London Bridge. Clerk to communicate with Churchwardens and come up with a Policy to deploy when the time comes.

g. Increasing the number of Councillors. Discussed and proposed by Cllr Aylesbury, seconded by Cllr Neal. Resolved to ask HDC to carry out a Community Governance Review. 2 extra Councillors would not only spread the load, it would also allow new Councillors to join the Council without having to lose the experience of any of the existing Councillors. The population of Holme has and will increase with new housing having been built/to be built approaching 40 homes since 2010, 15% increase.

h. Road signage, Holmewood Hall. This not seen as Parish Council matter, but Council would support Mr Bramer if he wished to erect signage, particularly to divert traffic away from the School.

i. Ramsey Town Council Civic Service – Cllr Griffin may wish to attend.

j. Purchase of new copy of Local Council Administration (11th Edition). Clerk currently has the 8th Edition in regular use and it was agreed she should replace it (Full cost £129.99 but discounts available via SLCC).

16. Date of next meeting: Wednesday 17 July at 7pm (NB Date is not as previously planned)


Signed…………………………               Date……………………………