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  • Risk Assessment

    Risk Assessment 2021

  • Code of Conduct for Councillors from 21.9.21

    Click below to read the Code of Conduct which was approved on 21 September 2021

  • Financial Regulations adopted 4.5.21

    Financial Regs May 2021

  • Standing Orders Adopted 5.4.21

    Standing Orders Adopted

  • Policy – Operation London Bridge

    Holme Parish Council Operation London Bridge – Policy to follow on death of Monarch or Consort   On announcement of a death, the Clerk shall cancel or rearrange any forthcoming Parish Council meetings and reconvene to after the period of mourning (10 days after death). Any other celebratory events scheduled should also be rearranged apart […]

  • Registers and code of conduct

    Holme Parish Council subscribes to the Code of Conduct for members of Huntingdonshire District Council and all information ca be found on the HDC Website. Registers of members’s interests are published on the HDC website.   The Clerk is employed under the terms of the Clerk’s code of conduct and the Green Book which may […]

  • Risk Management

    Holme Parish Council Risk Assessment   9 April 19   Financial Risk Assessment   Possible Risk: Accounting errors due to lack of financial controls. To address risk: The Parish council has adopted Financial Regulations and Standing Orders and reviews these procedures annually. The Clerk is the Responsible Financial Officer and the Chairman and Councillor oversee […]

  • Retentionand Disposal of Documents Policy

    Holme Parish Council   Retention and Disposal Policy 1.            Introduction The Council accumulates a vast amount of information and data during the course of its everyday activities. This includes data generated internally in addition to information obtained from individuals and external organisations. This information is recorded in various different types of document. Records created and […]

  • Removable Media Policy

    Council Name: Holme Parish Council Council Address: C/o 24 Church St, Holme, Peterborough PE7 3PB Email Address: Telephone number:01487 831559   The Management of Transferable Data Policy   Contents   1       Purpose  2   2       Principals  2   3       Advice and Assistance  2   4       Responsibilities  3   5       Incident Management 3 […]

  • Social Media and Email Policy

      Council Name: Holme Parish Council Council Address: C/o 24 Church St, Holme , Peterborough PE7 3PB Email Address: Telephone numbers:01487 831559   Social Media and Electronic Communication Policy The use of digital and social media and electronic communication enables the Parish Council to interact in a way that improves the communications both within […]