Policy – Operation London Bridge

Holme Parish Council

Operation London Bridge – Policy to follow on death of Monarch or Consort


  1. On announcement of a death, the Clerk shall cancel or rearrange any forthcoming Parish Council meetings and reconvene to after the period of mourning (10 days after death). Any other celebratory events scheduled should also be rearranged apart from Remembrance Services.
  2. The Clerk shall obtain/purchase and publish an official picture of the deceased from those issued by the Palace authorities on the Parish Council Website and provide a picture to others who request it. Suitable words from the Chairman of the Council to be added.
  3. The Clerk shall work with the Churchwardens to arrange a service in Church on the eve of the state funeral.
  4. The day of the State Funeral will be a Public Holiday.
  5. The Churchwardens will allocate a space in the Churchyard for the public to lay flowers and arrange for their disposal -to be composted- on the morning after the state funeral is held.
  6. The Chairman, Clerk and Churchwardens to discuss whether a book of condolence is required and if so this shall be accommodated in the Church.

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