Holme Parish News – May 2019

Holme WI         ‘VIP’ Buster         

At our April meeting we enjoyed hearing the exploits of Buster during his career as a VIP driver in the RAF during the 1950’s.  After joining the RAF at 17 years old he was posted straight out to Singapore, but after falling ill returned to the UK and became the driver of an Air Vice Marshall (AVM) from Bomber Command.  Although he enjoyed his time as a driver, the AVM kept him busy, and on his toes as he had an identical twin brother and they used to impersonate on each other, sometimes causing Buster problems, in a good hearted way.  He was later encouraged to become an engineer, after his AVM decided this would be a better career path for him.  During his career as a driver he spent a lot of time driving in and out of London, learning all the short cuts, and avoiding the ‘ladies of the night’, and even drove his commander to the Queen’s Coronation.  Buster will be celebrating his 90th birthday in April, and Holme WI presented him with a card and wine to help his celebrations, he did say the wine wouldn’t last long!  He now represents the Tender Loving Care Charity, or TLC.  This charity provides teddy bears for small children going into hospital for the first time, giving a little comfort for the scary experience.  Buster is a lovely speaker, and we will await Part 2 of his adventures in the RAF, he assured me it gets even better.

We also welcomed our new member Jilly, and our guest Claire.  A request was made from our Knit and Natter group for double knitting wool in any colour except white.  This is for the woolly hats for the Sailors Society, and white isn’t a good colour when fishing out at sea.  Our May meeting will include our Resolutions, which this year are the decline of our bus services, and don’t fear the smear, fairly self explanatory, I hope.  Our guest speaker is ‘Chin, Chin Pass the Gin’.

Anyone interested in joining, please do come along and see what we are all about and what we get up to.  We meet on the first Thursday of every month at Holme Village Hall, Short Drove, Holme PE7 3PA at 7.30pm.  Please contact holmewi2015@gmail.com for further details.

All ladies will receive a warm and friendly welcome.

Alison McGuinness


  Holme Youth Club

After a two week break for Easter members were welcomed back with an Easter Egg Hunt around the village.  Great fun was had by all as the Easter Bunny had stayed around to make a special appearance.

Membership numbers are continuing to rise and we are now experiencing capacity attendance for four volunteer helpers so the time will soon arrive when we have to start turning people away unless we can get more helpers.

I would like to emphasise to everyone that the supervisors who make Youth Club possible are all VOLUNTEERS and appreciation of their efforts and the time they dedicate would be welcomed and hopefully this will encourage others to be willing to give their time.  We now have three young Duke of Edinburgh candidates who come in to help on our tuck shop as well as the parent helpers.  If anyone would like to come along and lend a hand please email reneeross@btinternet.com for further details – you dont have to be a parent.  No helper is left alone with the members and its usually only once per half term that a duty will come around.

Membership is open to members of school years 5-10 who live in Holme, or attend or have attended Holme School so if you meet this criteria and wuld like to find out more please pop along on term time Friday evening between 6.30 pm and 8.30 pm to check us out.


Holme Reading Room Trust

The Holme Reading Room Trust is a charity which has been established to manage the proceed of the sale of the Old Reading Room in Church Street. The Reading Room was left to the village by John Fielden, the last squire, and the funds of up to £5,000 per annum, are to be used exclusively for the benefit of the village. The trustees wish to maximise the benefit from the fund and welcome applications from those with ideas for new ventures as well as from existing organisations.  The trustees will encourage applicants to make a contribution towards funding ideally on a £ for £ basis according to their individual circumstances. If you are interesting in submitting an application for funding, please  email me  so I can     send you an application form   holmereadingroomtrust@gmail.com.

Jenny Whittaker       Secretary to Holme Reading Room Trust


I have been asked to write a piece about the activities of 1st Holme St Giles Guides Unit. Firstly I would like to introduce myself to you, I am Linda Browning and I am Unit Leader alongside Janice Osborn.  I have been with the unit for nearly 5 years as unit helper, leader in training and qualified leader.

Our Spring term started with the RSPB Birdwatch which is an annual activity for us.  The girls all made bird feeders, completed the survey over the designated weekend, and we sent our results to the RSPB to be included in their national register. With the girls being in different locations at the time this provided quite a different level of success in what was seen.

We have been fortunate to have a visitor for Thinking Day activities.  Shabnam Hussain came and talked to us about her background, faith, and the origins of the Henna Art and the different styles adopted by regions, cultures and faiths.  We all had a go at creating our own designs with some truly artistic and original ideas.

As always the Guides have been cooking up some delights.  Chinese food for Chinese New Year, Pancakes, Shortbread cookies for an information evening designed to introduce parents to our new and exciting programme and we had a wonderful evening of songs at a visit to Sawtry Guides.  This was an amazing evening of campfire songs and of course s’mores cooked over candles.

We have embraced the new programme and are working well within in the new framework and as you can see we are having a lot of fun on the way.  We are fortunate to have 2 qualified Young Leaders who are undertaking their Adult Leadership qualifications.  Both Emily Browning and Kathryn Paternoster have delivered some amazing evenings under the Unit Meeting Activities and Skills Builder sections of the programme.  Happily for Emily and Kathryn they are both going to University in September. This leaves us with some opportunities for anyone interested in undertaking the Young Leader role within a unit, or for unit helpers.  If you are interested in joining us please let me know.

Next term we will be undertaking more exciting activities both within the unit setting and in the wider community.  If you are aged 10 to 14 and would like to come and join us please contact me;

ljbing.girlguiding@gmail.com or 14 – 18 year olds contact moira.girlguiding@outlook.com

 Holme Community Speedwatch

Despite having a fixed unit as well as our occasional sessions to educate drivers and deter speeding we are still experiencing 20-25% of through traffic on the B660 exceeding the 30 mph limit.  It is most disconcerting to be standing at the side of the road or just walking along the footpath to have an enormous HGV thundering towards you at 50 miles an hour.   Despite the bends throughout the village this does happen fairly regularly I am sad to say.  What is even worse is that some residents of the village also ignore the speed limit regardless of the efforts of their neighbours.

Our band of volunteers, despite having a life to live and job to do, dedicate their time to trying to change this situation forever hoping that drivers will take the hint and slow down.

If all these speeding vehicles irritate you and you have an hour or so to spare now then you too could become a volunteer and help out.  If your interested please email csw.holme@gmail.com and I will arrange your training with Cambridgeshire Constabulary and get you involved.

Holme Parish Council News

 Annual Parish Meeting!

All residents of Holme are invited to attend the Annual Parish Meeting at the village hall on Thursday 9 May at 7.00pm.

We will hear from the Chairman of the Council who will report upon Council activities for the year, the Parish Council financial accounts will be available for inspection and all the village organisations will tell us what they have been up to.

Stewart Howe is going to come along and speak to us about the Annabelle Davis centre in Yaxley. All welcome, youngsters too, there is plenty of room at the hall to play quietly.

Planning – so far no news regarding the Pingle Bank development. It can only go ahead if a satisfactory footpath and pedestrian crossing across Station Rd can be achieved. The Councillors have already met with the Highway Engineer from Cambs County Council and County and District Councillors to make sure all the issues along Pingle Bank are completely understood and we now await further developments.  At the time of writing I have no news on the other planning applications.  If I hear anything I’ll let you know via Facebook.

Next full Council meeting: Tuesday 21 May 2019 at 7.00pm at the Village Hall – the annual meeting of the Council when the Chairman and Vice Chairman are elected and the accounts and policies reviewed. All welcome to listen, please let me know ahead if you wish to address the Council.

Mrs J Osborn – Parish Clerk.  01487 831559      holmeparishclerk@gmail.com

Notre Dame de Paris.

The horrendous fire that took the roof of this beautiful Cathedral and, but for the bravery of firemen and women who climbed inside the bell towers at great personal risk to quench the flames, would have consumed it all, is a reminder to us all of how much we treasure these holy and historic places.

Eight centuries of the prayers of faithful Christians have surely impregnated to walls along with the incense (it is a catholic cathedral) that carried those prayers up to heaven.

Yet, although the original building begun in 1163, over the years it has been altered and additions made. Sometimes because history has not always been kind to such symbolic buildings, during the French revolution in the 1790’s it was badly damaged by the mob and others have targeted it too.

Over the centuries it has been somewhat neglected and was in a poor state of repair when Victor Hugo wrote his famous novel about Quasimodo, the hunchback who lived in the towers of Notre Dame.  The publicity this attracted persuaded France to make repairs and in 1844 the slender spire, that we saw fall in flames was erected.

Notre Dame stood proud, largely undamaged, during two world wars. Now this wounded lady needs her own resurrection. The President of France has promised that this will happen.

This is a stark reminder of all who care for historic churches, large and small, of how vulnerable these stone structures can be and please can we all in Holme keep a watchful eye on St Giles, which has been vandalised recently. Newer and smaller than Notre Dame, it is still much loved in the village of Holme.






May 5th Third Sunday of Easter  
9.00am Holy Communion
Reader: Mrs L Papworth
Flowers: Mrs B Fleming
Prayers for: Brookside Peterborough Business Airport
May 11th Fourth Sunday of Easter  
4.30pm (Saturday) Family Service  
Reader: Mrs L Papworth  
Flowers: Mrs J Brown  
Prayers for: Isolated Homes The lonely and the afraid  
May 12th      
3.00pm Evensong at Conington Church
Reader: Mrs J Osborne  
May 19th Fifth Sunday of Easter
9.00am Holy Communion  
Reader: Mrs J Osborne
Flowers: Mrs A Lomas  
Prayers for: St Giles Close Mums & Toddlers Group
May 26th Sixth Sunday of Easter  
Prayers for: Spinney Fields Our welcome to visitors  




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